Review: Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre

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Danielle Grant put together this review of the recent exhibition by New College Stamford students at Stamford Arts Centre. Danielle, 15, is a pupil at Aylesbury High School and has been on work experience at the arts centre while sstaying with her grandparents in Stamford.

A creative and inspiring collection

Stamford Arts Centre is currently home to a fantastic exhibition from New College Stamford. The work on display is by the students of the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. Inspired by Stamford Walk, each student has explored their themes and ideas in exciting ways, creating an exhibition of very high standards. I recently went to see the exhibition during my work experience placement at the Arts Centre. I found the collection both creative and inspiring. It has given me several ideas for my current GCSE art module.

My favourite artist of the exhibition was Bethany Norris who had captured a rainbow coloured umbrella through photography, textiles and sculptures. You could see clearly from her work how she had developed her ideas and overall it was a beautiful use of colour and texture. Another successful collection was that of Naomi Kinksmith who had also worked with many different materials mixing texture into all her pieces. Her use of shape was eye-catching and unique.

I found that the standard of photography was especially good. In my opinion the strongest photographer was Alexandra Coulson who captured the art of movement. I liked how simple the pictures were and how she had edited the original tone and colour in some of her images. There was notable work from Alexander Mann and Bethan Cundy as their work was particularly thought provoking and very powerful.

I enjoyed seeing the work and being able to write a short review of it. I found that the work was inspiring and had an effect on all who visited. Admission to the exhibition is free and it is open for viewing until Thursday 20th January. I recommend that you visit the gallery and see the exciting and entertaining exhibition for yourself.