Rider trapped under her horse for 20 minutes

Sarah Bennett, left, who broke her wrist with her friend Rebecca Williams
Sarah Bennett, left, who broke her wrist with her friend Rebecca Williams
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A RIDER escaped with only a broken wrist after being trapped under a shire horse when it fell on her.

Sarah Bennett was riding the shire horse at Aunby last Saturday afternoon when it tripped on rough ground and fell on top of her.

She was trapped for around 20 minutes before the horse managed to free itself and wander back to its stables.

Miraculously Sarah escaped with only a broken wrist.

The 39-year-old, of Glen Close, Little Bytham, said: “I know I’m a very lucky lady. It all happened so quickly but it was very frightening.”

The drama unfolded shortly after 2.30pm last Saturday.

Sarah was visiting stables at Aunby belonging to her friend Becky Williams and decided to take the horse, named Kali, for a ride along the Aunby mile.

She is an experienced rider and knows the track well but misjudged the distance when she spotted the rough ground ahead, causing the horse to fall.

Her body was trapped underneath it and Kali’s legs came dangerously close to Sarah’s head as the animal tried to stand up.

Sarah made a frantic phone call to Becky who raced to the scene with her father and partner. The trio pinned the horse down to stop it from trying to get up and called the emergency services.

Firefighters from Corby Glen arrived about 15 minutes later by which time Kali had thrown Becky and her family off before managing to stand up without trampling on Sarah.

Becky, 32, said: “The horse threw us off and stood up but thankfully managed to miss Sarah. There had been well over a ton of horse crushing down on her.”

The firefighters couldn’t move Sarah because of the remote location so she was flown to the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston by a crew from the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance where she was checked for head and spinal injuries.

Thankfully Sarah only suffered a broken wrist and she was discharged that evening. She is now recovering at home with partner Dean Wilkinson but plans to get back in the saddle as soon as she can.

She said: “If the accident was malicious and the horse had been trying to throw me off I might feel differently, but Kali tripped, it was nothing she did on purpose.”

Kali, who is 21 years old, is due to retire from riding this summer.

Becky, also of Glen Close, Little Bytham, said: “The air ambulance and fire crews were amazing and got to us so quickly.”

Sarah, a cleaner, added: “We are full of praise for them and can’t urge people enough to support them.”