Road closure in Stamford causes confusion among drivers

Red Lion street road closure in Stamford, set to be closed for 3 weeks. Photo. MSMP 01-10-14-02RP
Red Lion street road closure in Stamford, set to be closed for 3 weeks. Photo. MSMP 01-10-14-02RP
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A road closure in Stamford has caused confusion due to a number of diversion signs being placed around the town.

Red Lion Street has been closed since Monday due to scaffolding work currently taking place outside The Periwig.

Diversions are in place around Stamford, directing traffic via St John’s Street, St Mary’s Street, St Mary’s Hill, Wharf Road and Brazenose Lane.

But the diversions have confused drivers, with some avoiding Broad Street as a result.

Due to the road closure, a number of local businesses have been affected including those situated on Red Lion Street and in the surrounding area.

A number of businesses contacted the Lincolnshire County Council to try and find out what exactly was going on and how long it was going to last,

Fiona Hardy, Manager of Beyond the Fringe, said: “I phoned the highways department at Lincolnshire County Council but they just said that the road had to be closed due to the scaffolding outside The Periwig.

“I didn’t know anything about it, the first we knew was on Friday.

“A lot of our clients thought it was Red Lion Square that was shut and it has put them off coming into the town centre.

“It has affected our business and it’s putting people off coming into town, we are concerned because takings are down by a good half.”

Another business feeling the effects is Asker bakery, employee Diane Fitzjohn said: ‘It’s been like a graveyard shift, it’s hugely affected the business.

“The way they’ve closed it off makes people unaware that they can still get up here.

“There wasn’t any notification of the road closure, the businesses just weren’t told.

“The baker could of adjusted how much bread he needed to make in advance, instead a lot of it has had to go back to the bakery.”

David Moore, Manager of Cuts ‘n’ More, said: “If you look out onto Broad Street there’s loads of available car parking spaces and that is never the case on a normal day.

“We’ve definitely seen a downturn in trade, yesterday was probably our slowest day in six months, our first customer was at 10.30am and we had been open since 8.30am.

“We’ve had 12 customers so far today and it should of at least been 30, so we’re about 50% down.

“If the road closure is going to last three weeks, I’m really worried at how it’s going to affect my business.

“It’s been difficult for our customers to get to us, they don’t know which way to come.

“The signs are all in the wrong places, the sign at Scott Gate stop’s people from coming into the town.”

Area Highways Manager for Lincolnshire County Council, Mark Heaton said: “We apologise for the confusion relating to the diversion from Red Lion Street and we’re looking to arrange a meeting with the contractor regarding their road signing and diversionary route so this can be adjusted.”

The road is expected to be closed until October 17.