Roadworks mean misery for motorists in Stamford

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MOTORISTS are set for weeks of delays due to roadworks on a busy route.

Work is being carried out to narrow the road and create a roundabout at the junction of St Leonard’s Street and Brazenose Lane in Stamford.

But it has meant long queues every morning and afternoon at rush-hour, with queues of stationary traffic in Wharf Road and Priory Road and stretching back to the Morrisons roundabout.

Work started last week and traffic lights went up last Thursday. The work is due to continue for another three weeks and the road will be closed completely for one week from Monday, October 24.

Kier Homes which is building a 45 home development in Cherryholt Road is paying for the work to be carried out.

Residents who park in St Leonard’s Street have reported having to wait 15 minutes to manoeuvre out of a parking space because traffic has backed up so much due to the temporary traffic lights in place.

St Leonard’s Street resident Wendy Hetherington said: “It just seems to be completely redundant to put a roundabout in there.

“Why put one here and not on the corner of Priory Road and Cherry Holt Road?

“Parking here is extremely difficult as it is and this work is making it worse. It just seems ridiculous.”

Residents are worried that people who live in Cherryholt Road and Priory Road will start to compete for spaces in St Leonard’s Street once the work has been completed due to new parking restrictions.

The work is taking place directly outside Hair Care in St Leonard’s Street and hairdressers Irene Quinn, Yvonne Hings, Marie Cunnings, Jackie Dixon and Maria Prozella are at their wits’ end.

They say they did not receive a consultation letter from Lincolnshire County Council about the works that were due to take place.

Yvonne said: “Some days we have not been able to hear ourselves think because of the noise. It is not the workmen’s fault – they have been brilliant - but it is an inconvenience.”

The women say their customers are loyal, but some of them are elderly and are struggling to get to them because there is nowhere to park outside the shop due to the work taking place.

Betty Pask, 82, of Willoughby Road, Stamford, goes to the hairdressers every week but had to get a taxi yesterday costing her £7. She said: “I usually bring my car and park outside but I didn’t have the confidence to drive here today.

“I don’t know where I’ll park once the work is completed.”

Irene says the situation will only get worse once Brazenose Lane, Wharf Road, and St Leonard’s Street are closed to traffic for one week from October 24.

She said: “I just don’t understand why they are doing it.

“The developers building the new homes are paying for it, but the new homes have their own parking bays so why are they taking up space that we need?”

Yvonne added: “There has already been a car carrier trying to get to TC Harrison in Wharf Road get stuck down here this week. The driver had to get out and move the road partitions to get by.

“Once the road is narrowed I don’t see how they will get along there at all. It will be impossible. It is tight enough as it is.”