Rose for fantastic ‘mamma’ Maria from Bourne

Maria Francis with her Rose Award and daughter Angela Bycraft
Maria Francis with her Rose Award and daughter Angela Bycraft
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A MOTHER has received The Local’s Rose Award for being a fantastic “mamma”.

Maria Francis, 64, of Edinburgh Crescent, Bourne, was nominated for the award by her daughter Angela Bycraft and was given her flower during a surprise presentation on Wednesday afternoon.

Angela, 42, of Spalding Road, Bourne, said she appreciates all her mum does for her and her family - in particular the care she gave to her younger sister Rachel, who died aged 26 a month ago from pneumonia and a blood infection.

She said: “Everyone knows my mum in Bourne. She’s really cheerful and always stops to talk to people. She looked after Rachel 24 hours a day, and since she died people have said to me that mum looks lost.

“Therefore, I decided to do this to cheer her up and show her that we all love her very much.”

Rachel, who had Down’s Syndrome and heart problems, needed constant care, but Angela said it never stopped her Italian mum Maria, who she tenderly calls “mamma”, from having time to help others.

She added: “My mamma means so much to me and our family. We appreciate all she does for us and I know Rachel would like to see her smile again. She will always be in our hearts.”

Maria, who is a mother of eight, was delighted to receive her rose. She said: “It was a big surprise. I am very pleased.”

Maria, who lives with her husband and Rachel’s father Martin, also has 16 grandchildren.

The Rose Award is kindly sponsored by Stephanie’s Flowers, in Crown Walk, Bourne. Do you know someone who is deserving of The Local’s Rose Award?

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