Rotary Club of St Martins Stamford appeal for African famine victims

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ROTARIANS are appealing to readers to dig deep to help African people suffering in a famine.

The Rotary Club of Stamford St Martins wants to support the humanitarian mission in the Horn of Africa by sending out shelter and aid.

The United Nations estimates that 3.2m people urgently need help after the area has suffered the worst drought in 60 years.

Tens of thousands of Somalis, mainly children, have died of malnutriton and thousands are pouring into southern Ethiopia

Rotarians are doing their bit by fundraising to buy aquboxes and shelterboxes, which provide safe drinking water and emergency shelter for disaster victims.

A community shelterbox costs £590 while an aquabox is £250.

The club is asking people in the Stamford, Bourne and Rutland area to get behind the campaign by donating money or essential items such as a bucket, toiletries and children’s games.

Club member George Hetherington said: “We have all seen the pictures of the famine and it is horrible.

“As always we would be grateful for readers help and support.

“I’m sure Stamford will do its best to help those who are in such desperate need.”

Donations can be made at the Mercury offices in Sheep Market, Stamford, and in South Street, Oakham, and our sister paper The Local in West Street, Bourne.

Essential items which can be donated include a bucket, toothpaste and brushes, soap, cotton wool, combs.

Cooking pots, cutlery, cups, bowls, plates, scissors and can openers are also needed.

Torches, tape measures, sewing needles and thread, candles, garden sacks and reading glasses can also be donated at our offices.

Refugees also need clothes lines and pegs, hammers and folding knives.

Children’s toys such as modelling clay, pencils, frisbees and tennis balls are needed along with baby feeding bottles, vaseline and safety pins and tea towels.

The club will be raising funds in Stamford Arts Centre on Saturday, September 3.

A display of the aquaboxes and shelterboxes will be held.

Aquaboxes are able to purify 1,100 litres of polluted water into drinking water. The boxes are able to provide enough drinking water for a family of four for about four months.

The shelter boxes can provide tents, thermal blankets, cooking equipment and tools.

Financial donations can also be made at: