RSPCA inspector’s warning over leaving dogs in hot cars

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An RSPCA inspector has warned people there is “no excuse” for leaving pets in hot cars.

Justin Stubbs made the comments this week after members of the public spotted a dog that had been left in a car in Broad Street, Stamford, on Saturday.

Mr Stubbs said in that particular incident the dog had been unwell anyway. But he had strong words for anyone who does leave an animal in a similar situation.

Mr Stubbs said: “I am certainly dealing with about two to three calls a day. It’s clearly an issue.

“You might come out of your house thinking it’s a little cloudy and not that hot, but as soon as the clouds leave the temperature will rocket. It will take a matter of minutes for your dog to overheat and suffer a very agonising death.”

Mr Stubbs said the RSPCA took such cases very seriously.

“We will prosecute you, you will lose your dogs and you will have only yourself to blame,” he said. “It’s one thing that winds me up more than any other cruelty call. It’s down to stupidity and ignorance.”

Mr Stubbs said even winding the car windows down would not make a difference. He added: “If it’s uncomfortable for you, think what it’s going to be like for your dog with a fur coat.

“There is no excuse for taking your dog out and leaving it in the car. There is no safe way of doing it.”

If you are concerned about an animal in a car, call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.