Rutland county councillor Chris Emmett gets by on cabbage and custard for a week

Chris Emmett with the food she is surviving on for �1 a day
Chris Emmett with the food she is surviving on for �1 a day
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A TIN of sardines may not sound like much of treat but for Chris Emmett it could be the highlight of her week.

The Conservative Rutland county councillor has spent just £1 a day on food and drink this week as part of a campaign to highlight the plight of people living in poverty in the UK and abroad

With her £5 to last her from Monday until today she bought a cabbage, porridge oats, some crackers, some bananas and custard which cost her 6p a packet.

Chris said: “I went to the market because I knew that I could get more for my money there and went into the supermarket and looked on the bottom shelf for everything.

“I also looked on the shelf where they put all the bashed tins which have been reduced.”

Chris made herself a batch of cabbage soup which she has with crackers. She has porridge for breakfast and has bananas and custard as a sweet.

She also got herself a tin of sardines to eat today (Friday) as a treat.

She said: “I have managed to keep my diet balanced but I am lacking fats which is why I am looking forward to the sardines so much.”

Chris was due to attend a cocktail party at 10 Downing Street yesterday (Thursday) as a parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party and was planning to drink water throughout the event.

She said: “The only thing I am craving is coffee. I managed to make three cups of tea out of one tea bag but it was revolting. Fred our dog is eating better than I am this week.”

Chris, who lives in Morcott, is the only one in her household who is living in poverty.

Her husband David is still eating standard meals and Chris says the break from cooking is doing her good.

Chris’ efforts have so far raised about £750 which will go to the charity Restless Development which aims to train, educate and inspire young people to help develop their countries and communities. To sponsor her visit