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Rutland Elections 2019: the results

Result: Langham

County Council leader, Oliver Hemsley, has just successfully defended Langham ward for the Conservatives with 316 votes.

Lib Dem John Brookes finished second with 109 votes.

Oliver Hemsley said: "I'm glad it's over.

The count is at the Victoria Hall in Oakham(9588230)
The count is at the Victoria Hall in Oakham(9588230)

"You never know until the last vote is counted.

"I never take it for granted.

"It just shows that I have done a reasonable job for the last four years and I will now set the bar higher.

"The main issue for Langham is the proposed solar farm on the Cold Overton Road."

Result: Ketton

Deputy leader Gordon Brown has also defended his seat for the Conservatives and Karen Payne, also for the Conservatives, has been elected for the first time.

Gordon Brown (Con) 554 votes

Peter Baker (UKIP) 114

Mary Canham (Lib Dem) 258

Karen Payne (Con) 435

Eron Rendell (Lab) 130

Coun Brown said: "It's a relief.

"You don't know how the national trend is going to affect the result.

"On the doorstop, me and Karen, have been pushing the message of bins not Brexit and the electors of Ketton seemed to understand this."

Coun Brown and Karen Payne celebrate their win (9589436)
Coun Brown and Karen Payne celebrate their win (9589436)

Coun Karen Payne said: "Top of my agenda is what I have heard from residents and that is they are concerned about traffic issues and speeding through the villages.

"There are also concerns about affordable housing for young people who have grow up in the county and find it hard to get on the housing ladder.

"I am really keen to get started."

Result: Lyddington

Independent Andrew Brown has just won the Lyddington ward for the first time with 380 votes.

Conservative candidate Simon Hitchcock finished second with 162 votes.

Coun Brown, a former high sheriff of Rutland and a farmer from Caldecott, said: "I want to be an active member of the county council and represent the people of Lyddington whether or not they voted for me.

Andrew Brown(9591106)
Andrew Brown(9591106)

"Rutland is unique in its size and we must protect its integrity."

He added that he felt party politics does not have a place in a small unitary authority such as Rutland.

Result: Whissendine

Whissendine has just returned independent Rosemary Powell with 182 votes.

Giles Clifton (Con) 166

Chris Brookes (Lab) 35

Kevin Thomas (Lib Dem) 110

Result: Uppingham

Rutland County Council has its second Green Party councillor with Miranda Jones elected for Uppingham with 624 votes.

Lucy Stephenson (Con) was re-elected with 690 votes as was independent Marc Oxley with 627.

Rachel Burkitt (Con) 503

Marietta King (UKIP) 190

Miranda Jones(9593373)
Miranda Jones(9593373)

Coun Stephenson, said: "It's a whopping big relief to be re-elected.

"I think most Conservative candidates will be relieved given the national picture.

"We have worked hard in Uppingham for the last four years and will continue to do so in our community."

Lucy Stephenson(9593371)
Lucy Stephenson(9593371)

Long-serving councillor Marc Oxley has won his fifth election.

He said: “The first thing I have to do is to meet with the independent members on the council and discuss a way forward.

“I have served on the council since 2003 and am delighted to be going into my fifth term.”

Result: Cottesmore

Cottesmore ward has just been declared with Samantha Harvey taking one seat for the Conservatives with 298 votes and Abigail MacCartney of the Lib Dems the other with 277 votes.

Edward Heckels of the Conservatives finished third with 255 votes.

A delighted Coun Harvey said: "I'm really excited and it's an amazing opportunity.

"I'm looking forward to working with Abigail and the rest of the councillors."

Coun Harvey said she wanted to reduce speeding, support the base and make sure the roads are clear of litter.

Coun MacCartney said: “I look forward to bringing a breath of fresh air to the council chamber and working with Samantha to find constructive ways to represent Cottesmore and in doing so, help to balance to books in Rutland.”

Result: Barleythorpe

The new Barleythorpe ward has just returned independents Dave Blanksby with 205 votes and Sue Webb with 315 votes.

Conservative candidate Andy Burton finished with 137 votes.

Coun Blanksby said: "We will be doing anything to further Barleythorpe's cause.

Dave Blanksby(9595062)
Dave Blanksby(9595062)

"The development went ahead with no infrastructure.

"We haven't got a school or a medical practice and we'll be pushing for infrastructure."

Result: Oakham North East

Conservative Alan Walters has just retained his Oakham North East ward with 377 votes along with Indepdendent Jeff Dale who got 347 votes.

The Green Party's Frank Brett got 225 votes.

Coun Walters said: "I'm a relieved man and I'm grateful to my residents for supporting me.

Alan Walters(9597854)
Alan Walters(9597854)

"I shall continue my quarterly newsletter and open surgeries for them."

Coun Walters said he enjoyed 'being able to make a differance to people's lives'.

Result: Braunston and Martinsthorpe

Edward Baines (Con) has been elected for the fourth consecutive time in the Braunston and Martinsthorpe ward alongside party colleague William Cross.

Coun Baines received 478 votes, Coun Cross 441 and Lib Dem candiate Ken Siddle got 437 votes.

Coun Baines said: "The whole campaign has been conducted in a very pleasent way.

Edward Baines(9599445)
Edward Baines(9599445)

"It's a tribute to the way Rutland works.

"I'm very greatful to the people for their support, particularly in the national context."

He said his priorities will be enabling adult social and medical care in rural areas, responsible planning and trying to keep young people in Rutland.

Result: Oakham South

Elected - Joanna Burrows Lib Dem 856 votes

Peter Jones Con 435

Elected - Ian Razell Con 620

Elected - Nick Woodley Con 551

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