Rutland farmer aims for laughs for charity

Farmer Andrew Brown who has entered a stand up comedy competition
Farmer Andrew Brown who has entered a stand up comedy competition
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Farmer Andrew Brown who is doing stand-up comedy to raise fundsPhoto: Lee Hellwing

Andrew Brown is polishing his act to take part in the Stand Up Challenge 2017.

The farmer, of Caldecott, will appear in front of 350 people including family and friends at The Y Theatre, in Leicester.

He has five minutes to impress the audience in a bid to win the competition and win a trophy.

The event is being run by the Big Difference Company as part of a fundraising drive.

Money raised by the competition will be used to fund projects to improve the lives of the young and old.

Andrew, 53, of Uppingham Road, said: “I am a fan of the Leicester Comedy Festival and I have always been in awe of comedians and how they ply their trade.

“This is an opportunity to try it and so I thought I would have a go at making a few people laugh.

“I have done a lot of after dinner speeches and talks to groups but I have had a script to fall back on if I forgot my lines.

“This is most people’s worst nightmare.

“This five minutes could be the longest five minutes of my life if it is not going well.

“Many people say I must be brave but I say that I must be brave or mad.”

Andrew is a huge fan of surreal comedy acts such as Monty Python, Alexei Sayle and Reeves and Mortmer.

The former High Sheriff of Rutland feels that his background means that farming matters will find their way into his act.

He has appeared quite a few times on TV to talk about farming and environmental issues but this is the first time that he has done stand-up comedy.

Andrew, who has enrolled on a law degree course at De Montfort University, in Leicester, is practising his jokes on anyone who will listen.

His stint as a stand-up comic is on Wednesday, October 25.

The Big Difference Company also runs the Leicester Comedy Festival.

Geoff Rowe, chief executive of the Big Difference Company, said: “I’m genuinely in awe of Andrew and all those who take up the challenge and am really grateful to them all.

“Together they raise a significant amount of money for our charity and help support the work we do throughout the year improving people’s health and wellbeing.”

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