Rutland is the happiest place to live in England says Office of National Statistics

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RUTLAND is the happiest place to live in England, according to a survey.

The Office of National Statistics says the smallest county was the second happiest place to live in the whole of the UK, only losing out to Orkney and Shetland.

The results are based on a national poll which asked residents across the UK to rate how happy they were with life.

It found that 85 per cent of people living in Rutland were very satisfied with their life.

And 87 per cent of people in Rutland feel that what they do is worthwhile.

It had an overall happiness score of 80.8 per cent, based on a scoring system.

Leader of Rutland County Council Roger Begy (Con) said people living in the area knew what a fantastic county it was.

He said: “Those already living here have known for a long time that we live in a fantastic area with high quality education, low crime rates, minimal road congestion and pollution, as well as some 
of the best countryside right
 on our doorstep.”

He said Rutland was set to become an even better place to live with faster broadband in the pipeline for every resident and transport improvements, following the council’s successful bid for £4m of Government funding.

Coun Begy added: “Rutland is not only a great place to live, but also a wonderful tourist destination that attracts people from across the country each year.

“I am sure that this survey will be welcomed by Discover Rutland and also the tourist businesses across the whole county.”

The survey is part of the Office of National Statistics ongoing programme to measure national wellbeing by looking at where people live, health and subjective wellbeing.

During the last 12 months, the Office for National Statistics included subjective wellbeing questions for the first time in two key household surveys - the Integrated Household 
Survey and the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey.

A total of 165,000 people were surveyed between April last year and March this year.

Those who responded were asked to record between 0 and 10 with 10 being the highest how satisfied they are with their life, to what extent they feel the things they do are worthwhile, how happy did you feel yesterday, and how anxious did you feel yesterday.

The least happiest area in the United Kingdom was Blackpool with a happiness score of 63.5 per cent.