Rutland Lottery could pay off for good causes across the county

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People could be winning jackpot cash prizes and helping community groups raise thousands of pounds through a county lottery.

Rutland Consortium, a group which represents the voluntary sector in the county, is in the process of organising the Rutland Lottery.

Players will be able to pay £1 for a line of six numbers to play for a weekly jackpot of £25,000. The consortium is calling for small groups and charities in Rutland to join in with the game as it is proposing that for each £1 played by a member, 50p of it will go back to the group they are a part of.

Players who are not part of a group could choose where half of their entry money goes to.

The lottery is being run through Sterling Lotteries, a company which specialises in community lottery management. The company will guarantee the £25,000 jackpot each week via its own weekly pool. Players will be entered into the company’s nationwide draw.

Ron Simpson, secretary of Rutland Consortium, said the lottery would be a great way for groups to raise extra funds.

He said: “The lottery will benefit everyone who wants to play in the county.

“It will be an easy way for small groups and charities to raise funds and it will allow those who are playing to choose who they will support, unlike the National Lottery.

“It will be very straight forward to play and if all goes to plan it could be running by September.”

The Rutland Lottery, which could launch in September, will have its own web page and players can join online and pay by direct debit, card or cheque.

Mr Simpson wants to speak to groups which would be interested in taking part.He can be contacted on 01572 823465 or by e-mail,