Rutland named among top five places to live in Halifax survey

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Rutland news
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Rutland has been rated one of the top five places to live in the UK.

The county came fourth in this year’s Halifax quality of life survey. Last year Rutland was ranked 21st.

The top three were Hart in Hampshire, Elmbridge in Surrey and Winchester in Hampshire.

Rutland County Council leader Roger Beg (Con) said: He said: “I think we most certainly deserve to be at number four and there are a combination of factors that make it a great place to be.”

“It’s very rural with lots of pleasant countryside and while there are drawbacks for rural areas we have superfast broadband available to more than 90 per cent of homes and rising.

“Rutland has good education, good services and good roads, but more importantly a very good community.

“I think it’s also a community that identifies very strongly with the name ‘Rutland’, too.”

Rutland MP Alan Duncan (Con) added “We should of course be number one but going from 21 to four is heading in the right direction.”