Rutland rower Sarah Outen almost hit by cargo ship

Sarah Outen rowing in the north Pacific ocean
Sarah Outen rowing in the north Pacific ocean
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Adventurer Sarah Outen feared for her life last night after almost being run over by a huge cargo ship.

Former Stamford High School pupil, Sarah, 27, from Oakham, who is under 100 miles from land on her challenge to row across the Pacific, was almost struck by the ship after her radar signal failed to work.

She was alerted to the danger by the sound of the ship’s motors.

Sarah said: “I saw this great big black wall coming out of the mist and it was heading straight for me.

“It was a very quick calculation to see whether I could unlash the oars and turn the boat around but I thought no, it is going to go straight over me and I am definitely not going to make it.”

Sarah jumped back into her cabin and got on her radio to make her presence known.

The ship was unable to alter its course at close distance but a bow wave washed her out of the path of the ship.

Sarah said: “I was literally metres from the hull of this big ship.”

Sarah was not visible to the ship because her tracking device had stopped working. She believes it may have been because of a lack of power generated by her solar panels in the poor weather conditions.

The device is now working and she is continuing to row to Adak Island on the Alaskan peninsula.