Rutland Running and Triathlon Club runner joins all three club runs

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Robert has run through mine fields

Robert’s work as chief executive officer of an Austrian Bank’s Balkan subsidiary has led to some interesting running tales.

He has had to run through fields of unexploded land mines, has suffered at least ten dog bites and regularly trains in deep snow.

This Christmas he was able to come back to his beloved Rutland for a few days and take part in the Rutland Runners’ three club runs over Christmas and New Year in Owston and Hambleton.

Not every race in the Balkans has been as well organised as those local races.

Whilst taking part in the Pristina Half Marathon Robert became aware that cars and buses had been allowed onto the running track and in Albania, the Tirana Marathon turned out to be longer than 26 miles and without any water stations!

A runner from his school days, Robert took part in the second London Marathon in 1983.

Since then he has consistently run more than 1500 miles every year.

Like many club members, Robert takes part in Triathlons and completed several whilst living in Saudi Arabia. Now aged 61, Robert clocked up a remarkable 1875 miles in 2017 with the highlight being a non-stop 87 mile run at Belvoir Castle as part of the Equinox 24 race.

The winner of that race (also a member of Rutland Running and Triathlon Club) Bryan Clary covered 130 miles in 24 hours.

If you would like to know more about Rutland Running and Triathlon Club contact the club secretary Saya Harris.