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Rutland Water Ospreys return

Ospreys are returning to Rutland after spending the winter in West Africa.

The first of the birds, Maya, came back to Manton Bay on March 14, with her partner, 33, arriving back only last week- about a week later than expected. The pair have raised 8 chicks since 2015. Last week, Lyndon Nature Reserve reported nine to 10 ospreys had returned.

One of the Osprey (8154581)
One of the Osprey (8154581)

Osprey project officer Marie Dipple said: “They care coming in thick and fast.”

“We expect around nine pairs with a few others giving us around around 20 birds. yes, we have a few new ones and their numbers are increasing.”

Marie further posted on the Rutland Ospreys website: “Maya and her partner are showing signs of fondness still; seen copulating early this morning, and then spending the day fishing for perch and trout, and building a very luxurious nest cup for their eggs. 33 and Maya have been fishing equally, bringing back sticks and twigs for the nest, as well as soft material to line the inside of the nest.”

River Gwash Ospreys at Horn Mill Trout Farm, Ryhall, also report Ospreys returning back to the water, after their 3,300 mile journey. Their first Osprey was sited on March 18.

They add four such birds have been seen above the farm at the same time and the farm has attracted Osprey never seen before.

Horn Mill Trout Farm also reports sitings of kingfishers fishing, Red Kites ‘fishing’, egret, buzzards and kestrels adding to the Ospreys.

Ospreys are noted for their grace and beauty and being a very successful hunter. They can grow up to 60cm (two feet) in length with a possible wingspan of 175cm (almost six feet). They prefer to live and nest near a body of water where plenty of fish are available. They live on all continents bar Antarctica.

Last month, it was World Osprey Week from March 18 to 22. Staff from the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust visited 11 schools across the county to talk about Ospreys. The schools included Exton Primary, Casterton primary, Empingham Primary, North Luffenham Primary, St Nicholas Cottesmore and Cottesmore Academy.

A highlight of World Osprey Week was an international Skype between Empingham Primary School and Spanish school pupils at the Urdaibai Bird Reserve in Basque Spain. This reserve has just re-introduced Ospreys, and during the link an Osprey returned to the reserve and was captured on their live web-cam.

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