Sarah Outen hours away from completing solo Pacific crossing

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Record breaker Sarah Outen’s attempt to cross the Pacific alone is just hours away from being completed.

Former Stamford High School pupil, Sarah, 27, from Oakham, is within sight of her destination Adak Island on the Alaskan peninsula and expects to link up with her support team later this evening (Monday) before reaching land.

Sarah, who is in her 150th day on the ocean, will meet up with ocean manager Tony Humphreys and photographer James Sebright who are going out by boat to meet her.

A statement from the support team posted on Sarah’s website said: “We’re leaving port at midnight (10am BST Monday) and hope to be at the southern end of the Kagalaska Passage by 4.30am local time (2.30pm BST).

“Once on the southern side of the island we should have VHF comms with Sarah and will rendezvous with her.

“Subject to where she is, what her COG is and what the wind is doing we may let her row on, hopefully to land, or we’ll take her in tow and bring her back to port.

“All going well we’ll be back early afternoon (about 1am BST Tuesday).

“Sarah is in very good spirits, keen to row as best she can and enjoy her final push.”

Following the row, Sarah will take a break and will restart her trip in the spring when she will kayak to the Alaskan mainland before cycling through the US state, Canada and the United States before tackling the North Atlantic in 2015.

The adventurer has already cycled and kayaked more than 11,000 miles from London to Japan, starting the journey in April 2011. She restarted her Pacific crossing after capsizing last summer.