Scooter tribute to Mark at funeral

Mark Deacon's friends ride scooters behind the hearse
Mark Deacon's friends ride scooters behind the hearse
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A former Vale of Catmose College pupil has been fondly remembered by his friends and family who gave him the stylish service he would have wanted.

Mark Deacon, died at his home in Keble Court, Stamford, from natural causes, aged 47, in October.

A funeral service was held at Peterborough Crematorium on November 16, and his friends marked his life as a mod by riding their scooters behind the hearse.

Those who followed the hearse on scooters included Brian Rudkin, Rick Roythorne, Danny Measures, Billy Measures and Alastair Wessen.

Mark’s sister Debbie Sadio, of Grampian Way, Oakham, said: “Mark was a mod back in the day, and him and his friends would often go off to Skegness on their scooters. All he ever talked about was his scooter days. It was something deep in his heart.

“We decided to get in touch with his old friends and we’re very grateful that they all wanted to take part in the service.”

A family statement from the service read: “Farewell to Mark Andrew Brian Deacon, with thanks to all those whom have shown their remorse and support towards the seeing off of our dear son, brother, father, uncle, on this day. May his memory be held close to