Seal enjoying its new local residence

Photo courtesy of Linda Jones. EMN-150202-150339001
Photo courtesy of Linda Jones. EMN-150202-150339001
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Deeping’s new celebrity ‘Sammy the seal’ is showing no signs of leaving his new residence down at the Low Locks in Deeping St James.

A number of local residents have been regularly visiting the spot on the River Welland to get up close and personal with the town’s most lovable sea mammal.

The seal, which is normally found living off the east coast 27 miles away has been in the local area for over three weeks now, enjoying life sat on the riverbank and catching fish in the Welland.

RSPCA inspector, Justin Stubbs said: “There are no plans to catch and move the seal unless it shows health issues. It’s common for these seals to come inland, but we will continue to monitor it.”

If you have any queries contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999.