Seeking way to improve life led to writing self-help book

Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson
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A long-term sufferer from stress and anxiety has written his own self-help book.

Two years ago Mark Wilson, pictured right, set out to discover why he, in common with thousands of other people, looked at life in a negative and fearful way.

He began devouring the “mind, body and spirit” sections of bookshops and libraries, particularly publications that featured the “law of attraction” - Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book The Secret was his favourite.

“I had finally decided enough was enough and was determined to seek a way to help improve my life,” said Mark, 45, of Banks Crescent, Stamford,

“I wanted to understand why I attracted feelings of negativity and fear instead of the positivity and confidence I craved. I thought if I could work out why this was happening, I could share this wisdom and create a blueprint for others to follow.”

The result is a new book – The Secret of How to be Happy (Using the Law of Attraction). Mark says it is for anyone who wants to feel happier.

“I’m incredibly excited about it because it really does explain very simple law of attraction techniques that anyone can use to almost effortlessly attract life-changing amounts of happiness,” he said.

He has worked predom-inantly as a commercial copywriter for companies such as British Airways, Vodafone, Thomas Cook and Sunderland Football Club. Originally from Darlington, he lived in Peterborough and Grantham before falling in love with Stamford and settling here.

“Back then I was regularly troubled by self-image issues, anxiety and even depression,” he said. “Only when I finally realised that the key to opening the law of attraction was happiness, and furthermore I was responsible for my own happiness, did I turn a corner.”.

He said it took a lot of research for him to discover the secret of happiness.

His book covers how the law of attraction works, the power residing in everyone’s subconscious mind and the vital part that quantum physics plays in our lives. There are also more than 80 happiness attraction techniques that anyone can use.

He said he had been single for a long time but, after just three weeks of testing his own theories, he met his partner Dawn. “We are now living together very happily with our springer spaniel Jess,” he said.

The Secret Of How To Be Happy is available as an e-book online for £1.98 and Mark is in talks regarding a print version. He has an Amazon Authors page on its website.

Recent five-star reviews from readers on Amazon include these comments: “The best self-help book, by far, that I’ve read”; “A recommended read for anyone seeking happiness”; “Inspirational and peaceful”; “Loved it”; “Excellent”.

l The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that ‘like attracts like’ and that by focusing on positive things one can bring about positive results.