Shop front plan ‘still too bright’ on Stamford High Street

Moshulu in High Street, Stamford
Moshulu in High Street, Stamford
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A shoe shop’s second application to re-paint its front has been rejected for the second time, after the colour suggested was deemed “unduly prominent”.

Moshulu, in Stamford, had painted the front of the shop in High Street in the national chain’s company colours, Crystal Surprise, a bright turquoise.

The store put in a retrospective plan to South Kestevan District Council which turned down the application saying the “strident turquoise” was out of character with the listed, historic building in a conservation area.

The company, which has 40 stores around the country, submitted a 
second application for a lighter colour used on its Ringwood store in Hampshire which is also in a conservation area.

But planners have refused consent because “the strident light green would be at odds with the historic character of the host building and wider conservation area with it being unduly prominent and detrimental to the heritage asset and its wider setting, in an environment where traditionally colours are more subtle”.

Planners also said while a colour change had been proposed the primary concerns in the first retrospective application had “not been appropriately addressed”.

The application was therefore deemed “contrary to guidance contained in the National Planning Policy Framework and the Stamford Shopfront Design Guide”.

A spokesman for Moshulu said the colour it suggested in the recent application was several shades lighter than the shades used on other stores –Crystal surprise 5 (one being the brightest).

He added: “Clearly we want to get it right so we’ll be submitting another application for an even more toned down colour in the hope it will be acceptable to the council.”