Shower at outdoor pool is vandalised

Bourne Outdoor Pool.
Bourne Outdoor Pool.
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An outdoor pool chairman has hit out at vandals after the second attack at the leisure facility’s men’s changing rooms within a month.

On Tuesday between 3pm and 4pm, the shower in the men’s changing room at Bourne Outdoor Swimming Pool was wrenched away from the wall where it was positioned- bending pipework and causing £150 worth of damage.

It is the second recent attack on the pool, which opens during the Summer, as four of the wooden doors to the men’s changing rooms were vandalised at a children’s fun night, on July 7.

Mandy Delaine-Smith, chairman of the pool, said: “We are a charity, we work hard to keep this place open for people in Bourne and the surrounding area. We work very hard to keep it nice and then people come and vandalise - it doesn’t seem fair. They wouldn’t like it if we came to their houses and did it.”

Mandy believes that a group of teenage boys aged around 18-years-old who were at the pool at the time of the incident are responsible for the vandalism.

Although there is CCTV cameras at the pool, they did not capture any of the suspects.

This week’s vandalism wasn’t reported to the police as shortly after the vandals struck, two plumbers, Colin Atkin, who is based in Spalding and Richard Gibson, of Bourne, saved the day when they came forward and did the repair work for free.

Mandy said she was very grateful for the kind gesture.

In the earlier attack doors were believed to be kicked-in, leaving them with dents and broken locks.

Locks and wooden panels on the doors were repaired at a cost of £200.

Mandy said paying for repairs after vandalism has taken cash away from purchasing much-needed new equipment and makes it difficult for the pool to keep running after seeing low numbers of visitors during the summer season as a result of cool weather.

She said: “It makes it hard because there are things that need replacing and things that we need but we won’t be able to do it. We need floats but unfortunately that money has gone towards repairs.

“We are a charity and we are struggling, it is a bit depressing that people are abusing us this year.

“I don’t understand why people have fun doing 

Based on Abbey Lawns, in Bourne, the 48-metre long pool opened for its summer season in May.

The facility has an almost olympic size swimming pool.

Call police on 101 if you have any information.