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Singer Charity Stow from Stamford promotes single released during lockdown

A singer from Stamford is busy promoting her second single which was released during lockdown.

Charity Stow, 20, has had ‘Fool’ played on a number of radio stations and is delighted with the positive feedback so far.

It was released on June 5, and with everyone housebound she decided to make the accompanying video from footage sent by fans who recorded their own lockdown experience.

Charity Stow
Charity Stow

Charity, who attended Stamford High School, said: “I’ve always loved music and have had a house full of music growing up.

“I’ve recently found my passion for writing and performing it - it’s become a way to get my emotions out and to work through them. The whole songwriting process is pretty restorative for me and that’s why I love it.”

She said she had taken a lot of inspiration from her dad Jack, who is also a musician, as well as big names such as Bob Dylan, Carole King, The Beatles and Elvis.

“I started my musical journey covering their songs and constantly being in awe of them,” she said. “I also take influences from more recent artists like Billie Marten and Lucy Rose.

“I find that listening to other people’s creations is such a great way to find my own inspiration and I’m always learning from them! In life, my dad has always been a great supporter of my music. He is a big part of the studio process and an amazing musician himself so I definitely take inspiration from him and the way he makes music.”

Charity’s first single, ‘Here’, was also well-received. She said she aims to make a career from her passion but knows music will always be in her life whatever happens.

She said: “People have been really lovely about the music I’ve been putting out and it really makes the whole process so much more enjoyable when people are engaging and appreciating it.

“It’s such a personal way of expressing myself and it can be daunting to put particular things out there, but people have always been really supportive and that helps that process.”

She added: “I really hope to make a career as a musician, whatever that means! I just want to be able to do what I love for my job and that’s what I’m trying to work towards at the moment. Whatever happens though, I’ve always got it with me and it will keep me happy no matter what.”

Charity Stow
Charity Stow

Charity, who recently moved to Nottingham, said it was a strange time to be in the music industry as it was changing constantly, especially with the lack of live music events due to pandemic restrictions.

“It feels like there’s a real shift in how we promote and make music and it’s very interesting to be changing with it,” she said. “I’ve learnt a lot about live streaming and online promotion over the past few months as I’m sure everyone else has!”

For more information visit her website at www.charitystow.com

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