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Film released to raise funds for Sir Laurence Howard Scholarship at the University of Leicester

Many people say their life could be a movie, but for Sir Laurence Howard that is now the reality.

A new documentary, ‘Portrait of a Gentleman’, is set to be released next week to showcase the life of the former university lecturer and lord lieutenant.

In the documentary Sir Laurence is joined by former colleagues and friends in a 40-minute programme to reflect on his life and achievements.

Laurence Howard
Laurence Howard

When first approached, Sir Laurence was “apprehensive about being the subject of a film”. But his hesitation was allayed, at least in part, after producers offered for the funds raised from the film to go towards a scholarship in his name.

Speaking about the documentary, Sir Lawrence said: “It’s interesting and brings back very fond memories of various parts of my life, my professional career and voluntary service.

“The film has been put together very well; it’s professional and much better than I could have expected.”

Laurence Howard
Laurence Howard

He added:“Like most people, an awful lot of my life is very ordinary but other parts are a little less ordinary. They have been picked out and put in the film.

“I feel awfully embarrassed by it, as you could imagine.

“Hopefully it’s a way of making some extra funding for the scholarship and at the same time providing some enjoyment for the people who watch it.”

Sir Laurence, who lives in Whissendine, went to medical school to do a PHD in neurophysiology before moving on to teach students at the University of Leicester.

He said: “I have had generations of medical students come through and many have gone on to do very great things.”

Towards the end of his working career Sir Lawrence was appointed as a magistrate, a position carried out both locally and nationally, before being invited to take on the role of Lord Lieutenant of Rutland, which he held for 15 years.

Sir Laurence was then invited to be an honorary air commander with a squadron which, at the time, was stationed in Cottesmore.

The 77-year-old is excited for the funds to go towards the Sir Laurence Howard Scholarship at the University of Leicester, which helps to provide support of a minimum of £1,000 a year to a deserving Rutland student who has been offered a place at the university.

Due to the pandemic there will not be a premiere release of the documentary, but an event is being planned for May.

The DVD is available from Thursday (December 10) for £15 by post by calling 01572 787459 or e-mailing barbara.keene1@btinternet.com

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