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Top skateboarders and BMX bikers set for Stamford event

World-class skateboarders and BMX bikers will be coming to Stamford in a first for Stamford Skatepark.

Pro skater Pete King of King Ramps is proving a skateboard and BMX event at the park on Monday August 5 from noon until 5pm.

The professional skateboarder founded a company which promotes skateboarding and related sports both in Britain and overseas.

Stamford skatepark (14252425)
Stamford skatepark (14252425)

He said: “We feature a couple of professional skaters so people can see the pros doing their thing and then we run workshops.

“It shows the kids how to use skateboards properly and then we have a competition at the end of the day with prizes.”

The Stamford event will feature Jack Clark from Essex of the British Olympic BMX team, along with skater Daryl Dominguez of Harrow, London.

Pete added: “Skateboarding and BMX biking is great for kids. They are not as confined by rules as other sports.

“They are freer and you are focused on enjoying yourself.

“Skateboarding and other wheeled sports also teach children lifeskills such as sharing a space like a skatepark.

“It’s about co-operation and appreciation - a nice inclusive ethos. It’s also not about ability, it’s about enjoying and doing it.”

King Ramps approached Stamford Town Council about hosting the event, which has won the support of its councillors, with several members helping funding it through the Ward Member Grant Scheme and sponsorship from local businesses.

Coun Gloria Johnson said: “It’s a free event for young people. It’s something good for the town.”

Town clerk Patricia Stuart-Mogg said the event was a first for the council, which has taken ownership of the recreation ground and the skatepark off Recreation Ground Road.

“I hope the youth will support the event and respect the skatepark. Coun Johnson has worked so hard to make sure the event is delivered.”

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