Slideshow: More potholes reported across the area

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Readers have continued to report their pothole woes to the Mercury.

The terrible state of York Road in Stamford was raised by one reader while another reported the deteriorating state of Wothorpe Road.

Potholes in Back Lane, Colsterworth'Photo: MSMP100113-022ow

Potholes in Back Lane, Colsterworth'Photo: MSMP100113-022ow

Last week, we highlighted the issue as councils’ highways budgets were boosted by a Government grant and we will be reporting the potholes to Lincolnshire County Council, Rutland County Council, Northamptonshire County Council and Peterborough City Council.

Lincolnshire County Council’s highways team were quick to respond to pothole complaints in School Lane, Uffington, and filled the holes just hours before our photographer arrived.

But the Country Land Business Association is warning the holes will only get worse as the freezing conditions this week heralded the start of “pothole season”.

When temperatures first drop below zero, water freezes in small cracks and holes in the road. As it freezes, it expands and breaks apart the surface, then melts in the daytime and repeats the process the following night in a cycle that allows craters to get bigger.

The AA is also warning of the damage potholes can cause to vehicles and urged motorists to be careful.