Snik paints new street art in Stamford

Street art 'We Could Forever' painted in Stamford by Snik
Street art 'We Could Forever' painted in Stamford by Snik
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Street artists Snik have been busy again this weekend painting another eye catching image.

The duo, who insist on remaining anonymous, were featured in the Mercury at the beginning of March after an eye-catching image of two bee eater birds was painted on the back of You and Beyond in St Mary’s Street, Stamford.

Now their latest piece of work called We Could Forever has been painted nearby.

The painting shows a young girl.

One of the artists said: “The image itself is a friend’s daughter who I have used for pieces before. He photographs her constantly as she grows up to document it.

“By using the images for street art it adds a different take on it - that the girl in the image will never age, even if the paint and the wall do.”

The image was painted from a complex stencil which the pair cut out themselves.

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