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YouTube star Colin Furze takes social distancing to a new level with his Hicycle

YouTube sensation, Colin Furze, has taken the government’s social distancing instructions to a new height.

His latest creation, the ‘Hicycle’ - also known as the ‘Social Distance Bike’ - allows Colin to keep a safe two metre distance away from people while on his daily exercise.

Colin, who lives in Stamford, said: “It’s actually not hard to ride if you are going in a straight line but you can’t take corners fast and can’t stop in traffic.”

Colin Furze on his Social Distance Bike
Colin Furze on his Social Distance Bike

He added: “I guess it’s what it’s like to drive a lorry.”

In the accompanying YouTube video he told viewers: “I’m not going to go ridiculously high with this as we all have an obligation to not hurt ourselves at the moment and need any hospital treatment and therefore stretch the NHS any more than they are being stretched at the moment.”

Six years ago the inventor did make - and ride - a bicycle which was more than four metres tall.

Colin took the ‘Hicycle’ - which was made in four days - for a spin to do his shopping trip at Sunny Stores in Stirling Road, Stamford.

He was able to attach his shopping - which consisted of Coco Pops and Monster Munch - to the ‘Hicycle’ using cable ties.

On his travels, most people took out their phones to capture the moment and Colin said one elderly couple were left looking very “shocked by it”.

Colin, who has nearly 10 million YouTube subscribers, joked that “it’s good for nosey people as you can see over people’s fences” and he even puts the shopping through a second floor window!

But he doesn't think it will be the new mode of transport any time soon.

His video also features Colin having a 'lockdown breakdown' in his workshop as he struggles with staying inside.

"But we've got to stay at home, and I've got this shed and you to entertain," he says.

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