Soldiers’ resolve is ‘inspirational’

Pte Luke Morrison of Stamford who lost a leg after stepping on an IED in Helmand, Afghanistan
Pte Luke Morrison of Stamford who lost a leg after stepping on an IED in Helmand, Afghanistan
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THE father of a wounded Paratrooper has described his son and other injured servicemen as “inspirational”.

Douglas Morrison, who lives with wife Christine in Rutland Heights Estate, Stamford, has said that it is humbling to watch how his son Pte Luke Morrison, 23, and other soldiers on his ward are dealing with their injuries.

Luke, who serves with 2 Para B Company and is based in Colchester, was wounded by a land mine while on patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, on February 19.

He lost his left foot and suffered multiple injuries to his right leg.

Luke had four operations and took his first trip out of the military ward at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham on Wednesday when his mum took him down to the coffee shop.

Douglas has praised Luke and his friends for their resolve and determination.

He said: “Luke is doing very well. He is recovering and back to his normal self apart from the injuries. He is in good spirits and getting on with it. He has great resolve and determination to get better.

“When you are down there and see the young lads and how they are dealing with it, it is inspirational.

“It is very humbling to see young men of 18, 19, 20 and 23 years of age getting on with it. It is really humbling.

“They are chatting to each other and helping each other through their injuries and taking the mickey.

“I am very proud, there’s no words that can describe how proud I am of him.

“A couple of weeks ago he was on a ventilator and now he’s in a wheelchair.”

Douglas and Christine first saw Luke two days after he was injured when he had been flown back to the UK from Camp Bastion. He was kept sedated for about five days after the explosion.

He has had four operations, which include pinning his dislocated ankle, putting plates in his right leg and treating his wound.

Luke, who cannot spend much time in the wheelchair, has started to have physiotherapy.

He spent about 10 minutes chatting to Prince Charles during a surprise visit to the hospital on Wednesday.

He had his picture taken with the prince and was also presented with a bottle of whiskey.

Mr Morrison has praised the regiment for its support and help for Luke and his family during this time. They also thank well wishers from Stamford.