Solution in sight for village blighted by flooding issues

Flooding in Quincey's Lane, Braceborough last winter
Flooding in Quincey's Lane, Braceborough last winter
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Flooding problems that have plagued a village street could be at an end after work to repair a blocked drain was agreed.

Residents of Quincey’s Lane in Braceborough have had to put up with their street becoming a small lake during heavy rain.

The flooding is caused by a collapsed drain in a neighbouring field and has been going on for months.

Residents made repeated calls to Lincolnshire County Council to try and resolve the situation, with little sign of any work being done.

But after talks between the council, Anglian Water and the landowner, Ashton Estate, it seems a solution has been found.

Estate agent Fisher German, which represents the landowner, has agreed to investigate the blocked drain and carry out any necessary work.

Anglian Water needed to grant the firm permission to carry out work near to one of its sewers.

The utility became involved after surface water caused by the collapsed drain began getting into the “foul” system, which deals with pipes from sinks and toilets.

An Anglian Water spokesman said: “The infrastructure in Braceborough is only designed to deal with things that go down sinks and toilets rather than surface water drainage.

“Around Christmas there were a number of issues, as there were all across the region given the horrifically bad weather we had.

“It does seem to be related to surface water drainage getting into the foul system.

“We will look at it together and work out between us how best to address the concerns.”

The county council can act if water continues to flood the road.

Area highways manager Kevin Brumfield said: “We have written to the landowner to make it clear that they have a duty to repair this blockage.

“If they fail carry out the works we do have an option of using enforcement, providing all other avenues have been exhausted.”