Some amazing entries

Ketton Produce Show, September 6, 2015. Judy Measures won most points in the Dahlias category.  Photo: Alan Walters EMN-150709-143859001
Ketton Produce Show, September 6, 2015. Judy Measures won most points in the Dahlias category. Photo: Alan Walters EMN-150709-143859001
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Produce entries into Ketton Horticultural and Handicraft show were of the highest standard

Sterling work from committee members and their families on the previous Friday night by erecting exhibition stands, along with relevant tables, was a welcome boon to the society’s secretary Jackie Epps, allowing her extra time on the show day to direct her troops.

The diverse range of categories encouraged over 500 entries, which meant much paperwork, enabling David Heather to show his mettle in the administration department, for this task is an essential element in the smooth running of the show.

Floral art, photography, handicraft, and children’s sections produced some amazing exhibits, with the art section creating some intriguingly beguiling art work; of course, once more the home produce section saw not only lady competitors’, but male contestants, anyone for marmalade.

It has been a peculiar growing season, so it was extremely pleasing for the organisers that the produce and flowers, entered for this year’s show, was of a particularly high standard.

The presentation of trophies this year was conducted by Chris Young, editor of the Royal Horticultural Society’s magazine, after which the raffle draw took place.

Steve Allan chairman of the society brought, what had been a most successful show, to an end by thanking his committee for their unstinting efforts, the competitors, for there would be no show without them, the judges, the general public for their support, Bob Sauntson school premises officer, with special thanks to Glenn Fraser Head of School, for granting the society the privilege of using the school premises.

Cup winners 2015

Doug & Shirley Pickering Cup (most points for children up to age 7) - Ella Parkinson; 2014 Cup (most points for children 8-12 years of age) - Marcus Williams; KHS Junior Challenge Cup (best exhibit: young people aged 13 – 16 years) - Neve Hattee; KHS Cup (most points for handicraft and art) - Ann Archer; Vine House Bird Food Cup (for photography) - David Lewis; Ketton Club Gardener’s Cup (most points in the vegetable section - Al Perna; Dobbs Cup (best vegetable exhibit) - Al Perna; Henry Herb Cup (best herb exhibit) - Victor Henry; Jill Jones Cup (most points in the fruit section) - Al Perna; Ketton Oddfellows Cup (most points in the flowers section) - David Stewardson; Don Willet Cup (best flower exhibit) - Judith Measures; KHS Chrysanthemum Cup (best chrysanthemum exhibit) David Stewardson; KHS Dahlia Cup (best dahlia exhibit) - David Stewardson; KHS Shield (most points for Ketton residents) - Steve Harris; Frank Blake Cup (best exhibit in Class 68 - basket of vegetables) - Steve Harris; Harris Tray (best vegetable exhibit: Ketton residents) - Peter Lemmon; Hewitt Trophy (best flower exhibit: Ketton residents) - Steve Harris; Harris Clothes peg (best compost in Ketton) - David Lewis; KHS Rose Bowl (most points floral art) - Jayne Bloomer; KHS Miniature Tray (best miniature floral art) - Hazel Williams; Sheila Woolley tray (best floral arrangement) - Jayne Bloomer; President’s Cup (most points home produce) - Honor Harris; Miss Tubby Salver (best potatoes) - Al Perna; RHS Banksian Medal (most points in horticultural exhibits) - Steve Harris; Alf Wright Cup (Chairman’s Award) - Rosie Mahoney; Ketton Village Enhancement Trophy (‘Gardens on View’) - 1st Mrs Zee Martin, 2nd Mr and Mrs Barrett, 3rd Geoff Bradshaw.