Special visitor at Stamford Library

Peter Copp pays a visit to Stamford Library
Peter Copp pays a visit to Stamford Library
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Staff at Stamford Library were delighted to welcome the grandson of a former librarian.

Peter Copp is the grandson of Wilfred Henry Dunkley who was the second librarian at Stamford Library since it opened in 1906. He was in charge of Stamford Library from 1911 till 1951.

As a child, Peter used to come on holiday from Scotland with his mother and sister, and he was curious to see how things had changed at the place where he spent such happy times in his childhood.

He told staff during his visit on Thursday, August 10, how they had to be very quiet when they came through the library.

Lea Rickard, library team leader, said: “However Sundays were different; he and his sister Jean were allowed to play downstairs and had the run of the library but on no account were they to touch the typewriters, which were such a temptation for young fingers!”

Behind the library is what has always been called ‘the cottage’ where the Dunkleys lived and raised their eight children.

Mr Copp recognised the kitchen that led directly into the garden where all the vegetables were grown. Today the garden is mostly replaced by paving; except for a very tall pear tree that is as high as the roof of the cottage. In the 1940s when young Peter and his sister Jean used to visit they enjoyed climbing the tree which was 70 years younger and much smaller, of course.

Lea added: “It was really interesting to hear Mr Copp reminisce about his time in Stamford, and to piece together a bit more of the history of our lovely