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Speed limits in Stamford's Red Lion Square suggested as part of 'cobbles versus tarmac' debate

Speed bumps and a 20mph speed limit have been put forward as alternative ways to improve Red Lion Square in Stamford.

The fate of the central precinct was one of the main topics brought up by residents at the town’s annual meeting on March 18.

It followed debate in the Mercury, and later the national press, over Stamford Town Council’s decision to remove the cobbles - known as stone setts - and replace them with tarmac.

Margaret Bradshaw, of Arran Road, Stamford, brought along a photograph (right) of Red Lion Square in 1922. Under the tyres of

the early cars and carriage wheels the road surface appears to be tarmac.

She said: “The setts are not safe for cyclists or pedestrians. Speed bumps may be a good idea.”

The road entrances to the square - outside Dawson's jewellers and outside the newsagent - were proposed by residents as positions for the speed-reduction method.

Later in the meeting, the possibility of creating a 20mph limit for Stamford's conservation areas, which includes the whole of the town centre, was brought up.

Robert Foulkes (Con), county councillor for Stamford East ward, said: "I've put it to Lincolnshire County Council Highways that we have a 20mph limit for the conservation areas of Stamford, but there is a government report coming out soon that looks at the effects for 20mph limits.

"We can't do anything until that report and the outcome might be that it doesn't recommend them."

Richard Davies (Con), executive county councillor for highways, noted the town council's view on tarmac but 'no decision' had yet been made about the square.

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