Stalemate in bid to set up a skatepark

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PLANS for a skatepark in Bourne have stalled because the town council refused to take responsibility for the project and the committee is still considering becoming a trust.

Dimension Park committee had wanted Bourne Town Council to take on the lease for the park, take responsibility for the maintenance of the site and provide liability insurance for the project planned for the Abbey Lawn. But councillors said while they supported the development, they were not willing to take on the financial burden.

Since that decision the Dimension Park committee has decided it will have to become a trust and is seeking advice from the Stamford Skatepark Committee, which has gone through a similar process in the past, on how best to proceed with things.

But Dimension park committee member Nelly Jacobs, who is also the Bourne Town Council clerk, fears becoming a trust may be the stumbling clock for the entire project.

Mrs Jacobs said: “It is one thing to be part of a committee but it is another thing altogether to be a member of a trust.

“We have a good energetic committee but they do not want to be tied to the skatepark for the rest of their lives and that is the problem with a trust.

“Unless new people come in you are tied into it, either that or it fails.”

The Dimension Park committee hope to make meet with people from the Stamford group this month.

It costs £5,000 to become a trust but Mrs Jacobs said this was not a concern because it can raise the money.

But she said the committee was concerned about the inflated annual insurance costs it has been quoted as a trust, which is more than £4,000 and about ten times as much as the council would have to pay for the same project.

The completed skatepark is expected to cost between £115,000 and £170,000.

Bourne United Charities, which owns the Abbey Lawn, has agreed to give the committee a 46yd x 35yd plot of land behind the football goals.

While the council has fully supported the plans, the proposed site for the skatepark has been opposed by Bourne Town Football Club which has launched a petition.

Some neighbouring residents have also objected to the plans.