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Stamford and Rutland anti-Brexit campaigners to join 'Final Say' march in London

Pro-EU campaigners from Stamford and Rutland will be marching in London this weekend demanding a second referendum on Brexit.

They will join others from around the UK in what organisers hope will be a huge 'Final Say' march, with coaches coming from around Lincolnshire and Rutland, including Leave voting areas like Lincoln and Grantham.

The protest comes as parliament stages a historic Saturday sitting to consider any 'deal' Prime Minister Boris Johnson may have struck with the EU, or hear how he can find away around the 'Benn Act' which aims to prevent a 'No Deal' Brexit.

Stamford for europe campaigners (19361729)
Stamford for europe campaigners (19361729)

Richard Cleaver from ‘Stamford for Europe’ said: "For more than three years, hard-working activists and campaigners here in Stamford and Rutland and across the UK have been running street stalls, delivering leaflets, and making the case for a People’s Vote to settle the Brexit issue once and for all. Now we are coming together in London to demand our voices are heard.”

“Boris Johnson needs to hear loud and clear he must seek our consent before he inflicts his damaging Brexit on our country. “

“The Together For The Final Say” march on October 19will be a huge democratic moment for our country as we say loud and clear that, whatever you think about Brexit, the only clear way out of this mess is to give the people the final say.”

However, the call for a 'Final Say' has been criticised by Jessica Swift, Grantham and Stamford general election candidate for the Brexit Party.

Jessica Swift, candidate for the Brexit Party (19361725)
Jessica Swift, candidate for the Brexit Party (19361725)

Jessica said: "We have already had a referendum. The people's vote need's to be respected."

"They are being undemocratic in their pursuit of a second referendum."

Gareth Davies, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Grantham and Stamford said:

“The Prime Minister has put forward a fair and reasonable compromise for all sides that respects the historic referendum result and I hope Brussels will engage with us seriously.

“If the EU fails to match the UK’s compromise, we will leave without a deal on October 31. That is what the British people voted for three years ago and what the Conservatives will deliver, without any more pointless delay.

“By getting get Brexit done we can move on, unite the country and focus on the priorities of local people such as cost of living, schools, the NHS and cutting crime.”

Gareth Davies and Boris Johnson (19430927)
Gareth Davies and Boris Johnson (19430927)

People can sign up for the march on 19th October at: https://www.peoples-vote.uk/let_us_be_heard

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