Stamford Carers Sitter Service faces closure without financial support

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A service that has helped many people in Stamford says it is facing closure within the next few months if it can’t find financial support.

The Stamford Carers Sitter Service has been providing volunteer sitters to carers, who look after their loved ones at home for nearly 22 

The aim of the service is to provide free time for the carers to do their shopping, attend a doctors appointment or simply meet up with a friend, knowing that their relative is being safely supervised and cared for.

When the charity first began it was aided with grants from Lincolnshire County Council, as well as a rent-free office.

Over the years, these have all been stopped including the office and for the last three years the charity has managed to get by on its 

Unfortunately these have now come to an end and staff said it was unlikely the service would be able to continue for more than a couple of months unless financial support was found.

Carolyn Batty, administrator, said the charity only employs two part-time members of staff and relies on support from a team of 

But she said costs, such as internet and telephone bills and annual insurance, were unavoidable.

Volunteers are also reimbursed for their travel expenses as they have to go to rural locations around Stamford, Bourne and the Deepings, which can leave them out of pocket.

Carolyn added: “ It would be a real shame if this service had to stop due to a lack of finances.

“We have applied to trust funds for help, but unfortunately the majority of these will not provide funds for everyday expenses like staff costs and rent. They prefer the money to be allocated to a project.

“We would love to be able to try to promote the Carers Sitter Service and offer our services further afield but without funding for the day-to-day bills, we are unable to do that.”

If anyone is able to help or knows of possible funding sources that the service could apply to, please call the office on 01780 481480, or at 4 Broad Street, Stamford, or via e-mail on