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Southernwood Capital in Stamford opens new East Midland property investment opportunity

With grotty bank rates and few frivolities on which to spend spare money, a new investment could be right up your street.

In fact, the fund managers at Southernwood Capital understand the appeal of keeping money close, and that’s why they aren’t based in Canary Wharf, but in St Mary’s Street, in the heart of Stamford.

Their latest investment opportunity is also relatively local - a property portfolio based in the East Midlands, made up of mainly newbuild apartments in Peterborough, Grantham, Leicester and Nottingham.

Porchester House in Nottingham is one of the new developments in the investment fund portfolio
Porchester House in Nottingham is one of the new developments in the investment fund portfolio

Irvine Robertson, managing partner at Southernwood Capital, said: “On December 1 we close our ‘series A’ funding round, an investment of about £4m involving up to 20 investors, and will open up our ‘series B’ to new investors.

“People can make a minimum investment of £25,000 and we are targetting a seven per cent income return per annum, which doesn’t include any growth that might occur in the capital value of the properties.”

Unlike many businesses, Southernwood Capital has been unaffected by lockdown, and the three fund managers - who all invest in the company’s portfolios - have seen a solid return on the series A investment since it was set up six months ago.

Irvine Robertson, managing partner at Southernwood Capital
Irvine Robertson, managing partner at Southernwood Capital

“We have our eyes open to potential risks, but aren’t experiencing them,” said Irvine, who establish Southernwood Capital six years ago.

“There is a risk of greater unemployment in a post-Covid world, there could be a financial crash, or a downturn in the housing market. No one can rule out these things, but a large portfolio of Midlands properties should be a low-risk investment”

In addition to keeping the portfolio relatively local, Southernwood Capital aims to be an ethical landlord to tenants in the properties.

“Our goal is to professionalise the private rented sector,” said Irvine, who was a lawyer before investing his own savings in rental property and finding it a rewarding experience.

“When a tenant calls with an issue to do with their home, the phone rings in our office, we pick up, and we make sure private, local contractors go in to fix what is needed.

“While this era of coronavirus might be a bad one in many ways, we are looking to improve it for our investors and for the tenants of our properties.”

Southernwood Capital is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

To find out more about its new investment, visit southernwoodcapital.com, email investment@swc-llp.com or call 01780 662980.

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