Stamford inventor Colin Furze builds the world’s fastest pram

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An inventor has set a world record after building a motorised pram.

Colin Furze, 33, of Lonsdale Road, Stamford, came up with his latest contraption around the time his girlfriend Charlotte became pregnant.

He built the pram out of metal and attached the engine of a 125cc motorbike to give it some power.

Colin tested out the pram, which has three gears, and found out it had a top speed of 50mph.

He applied to Guinness to create a new record and easily beat the 30mph minimum speed the organisation set.

Colin, who appeared on Sky’s Gadget Geeks TV show earlier this year, said: “With the baby arriving I wanted to do something baby-orientated.

“I thought I would try a slow test-run first, but it ended up doing 50mph.”