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Bruce Dodworth, from Stamford, benefits from a spinal injection, the first treatment of its kind in Britain

Bruce Dodworth, a 50-year-old business man from Stamford, was in the shower when his niggling back finally gave up the ghost.

Having suffered a similar injury nine years previously, he was well-aware of the agony, immobility and road to recovery ahead of him.

What he wasn’t aware of was the development of a new procedure that would see him walking upright immediately and with 70 per cent of his normal movement returned within two months.

Bruce Dodworth with Dr Hany Elmadbouh, from the Avicenna Clinic
Bruce Dodworth with Dr Hany Elmadbouh, from the Avicenna Clinic

The procedure, a spinal injection, with image guided assistance from an open MRI Scanner, is still a new development and one which had not, until now, been carried out in the UK.

This ground-breaking procedure was completed by consultant radiologist Dr Hany Elmadbouh, at Avicenna Clinic in Peterborough.

Dr Eldmadbouh said: “The issue with conditions like Bruce’s is that the patient needs to be able to return to normal posture and movement to aid recovery.

"Without this, the cycle of pain would simply continue and without significant pain relief, he was never going to stand up straight.

“So, I recommended that we carry out a selective nerve root injection, as a first course of treatment, after which he could be referred to a spinal surgeon if it did not work

“The clarity and focus of an interventional MRI-guided procedure, combined with the accessibility enabled by the ‘open format’ is far superior to the use of more traditional imaging methods such as Ultrasound, CT and X-Ray.

"It also avoids the potentially damaging risks of x-ray and CT radiation.

"With complex spine and root nerve related issues it is important to use the most effective technology to ensure that area targeted with the treatment is more precise and therefore successful.

"Surgery should always be a last resort.”

Last year, according to the Office of National Statistics, 30.8m working days were lost because of musculoskeletal problems.

As a business owner, Bruce knew he could not afford to take the time off.

He had to work through the agony and immobility to keep up with his busy work and travel schedule and client demands.

Bruce said: “I run my own public relations business and travel a fair amount in the process. "Whilst I could try to re-arrange or sub-contract non-essential work, there were some things I had to just get on with.

"But it was the pressure of needing to find a solution that led me to Dr Hany.

"I didn’t go out looking for this procedure specifically.

"In fact, until I was told about it, I had no idea it existed.”

After seeing some pain return a few days after the procedure, Bruce has seen a continual improvement in the weeks that followed.

In fact, the results have been so astounding that MrWojcik, the spinal surgeon he was referred to by Dr Hany, has since confirmed that there is no need to consider surgery at this stage.

With some regular physiotherapy to aid his full recovery, Bruce no longer needs the surgery that would have put him in pain and recovery for many months to come.

"I’m delighted,” said Bruce.

“I honestly didn’t expect the results to be so transformational.

"I am 70 per cent back to normal, am no longer taking the cocktail of painkillers and am enjoying life again.”

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