Stamford man Tony’s puzzled by 11-headed daffodil

Tony Windsor, 82, with his 11-headed daffodil EMN-160517-164958001
Tony Windsor, 82, with his 11-headed daffodil EMN-160517-164958001
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Keen gardener Tony Windsor has been left puzzled by an 11-headed daffodil which he grew in a flower bed.

Tony, 82, enjoys tending to the garden at his partner’s home in Masterton Close, Stamford, and was delighted when daffodils he planted last September began to flower.

But while proudly surveying his handiwork, something unusual caught Tony’s eye.

He said: “I bought a bag of daffodil bulbs from Homebase last year and planted them as usual. They all came up nicely this spring and at first sight seemed to be all the same.

“But then I noticed one looked very different. On closer inspection I realised there were 11 heads on just one stem.

“It was amazing – I couldn’t believe it. I’ve spoken to lots of other gardeners who have never seen anything like it.”

Tony and partner May Hodgett were puzzled and decided to seek advice at local garden centres, but nobody could identify the variety or say how rare multi-headed daffodils were.

Tony added: “It’s a beautiful flower with white petals and distinctive yellow cups which are very round.”

Tony has decided to cut the daffodil and dry it out, with the intention of harvesting seeds and growing simillar plants next year.

The Mercury showed a photo of the daffodil to Guy Barter, chief horticulturist at the Royal Horticultural Society, who was impressed.

Guy said: “Daffodils are handled on a huge scale commercially and it is not unusual to have the occasional off-type. Having said that, although multi-headed narcissi are not uncommon an 11-headed one is very good going. I suspect that the narcissus in question is ‘Avalanche’ which has been recorded as having up to 15 flowers.”