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Stamford MP Nick Boles promises to "explain myself" before he departs

Nick Boles is looking forward to”riding off into the sunset” before Christmas.

The Stamford MP explained yesterday, this is why he would ‘love’ an early general election.

The 53-year-old said on social media: “I would love there to be an early election before Christmas so I can ride off into the sunset after briefly explaining myself to my constituents.

Nick Boles (20053839)
Nick Boles (20053839)

“But I think it would be grossly irresponsible to vote for an early general election while there is a chance that Parliament might pass the Brexit deal.”

The comments come as the former Conservative MP said this morning he would abstain in the vote due in Parliament today concerning last week’s Queen’s Speech.

Mr Boles, a former planning minister during the government of David Cameron, explained on twitter: “I do not support the Johnson government and believe a Queen’s Speech that fails to mention the housing crisis is woefully deficient. But I do not want to do anything that implies support for a Corbyn government. That would be even worse.”

However, Brexit continues to be the central focus of the MP’s activities.

In recent days, he backed an amendment to delay Brexit from former Conservative MP Sir Oliver Letwin, which led to chaos during Parliament’s historic Saturday meeting last weekend.

On Tuesday, Mr Boles voted to support Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘deal’ with the European Union. He also backed the government in its ‘programme motion’ to debate the issue over several days, which was defeated.

The Independent MP explained: “I believe we need to leave with a deal. When the bill returns, I will put all my energies behind amendments that will reduce the chances of a hard Brexit at the end of the transition.”

Mr Boles has submitted his own amendment, wanted to extend the time Britain remains in ‘transition’ with its European Union membership until December 2022, should future trade talks fail with Brussels.

He said this was: “Essential to stop hardline European Research Group members forcing through a No Deal Brexit in December 2020.”

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