Stamford mum helps charity to tackle post natal blues

Sally Bunkham who set up Mum's Back to help a charity tackle pre and post-natal depression
Sally Bunkham who set up Mum's Back to help a charity tackle pre and post-natal depression
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A mum helped battle post natal depression by setting up a business to help other parents of new borns.

Sally Bunkham, 36, gave birth to daughter Daisy, two, but just two months later she found out she was pregnant with Ruby, one.

The issues for Sally and her husband Paul began when Ruby was four months old.

The youngster would cry constantly as if she was in pain and numerous doctors could not identify the problem.

As a result of the stress Sally, of Stamford, developed post natal depression (PND).

She said: “Ruby developed an undiagnosed medical condition where she just cried constantly and she seemed to be in pain all of the time.

“We saw specialists and they all said it was different things.

“Ruby’s problems continued until she was 16 months old.

“It was very stressful and as a result I developed PND.

“I didn’t realise it was PND. I thought you only got that when babies were first born and not several months later.

“At that point Ruby began to get better and so did I.”

While she recovered Sally’s mind turned back to a business idea she had first considered while she was pregnant.

So she set up Mum’s Back which provides hampers of items which pregnant women cannot enjoy such as red wine and pate.

They can be ordered to give to new mothers to enjoy.

Sally, of Beverley Gardens, Stamford, said: “When people give birth it’s all very baby focussed. I thought that mums deserved some notice too.

“I realised that lots of women were going through PND like I had.

“I thought that I could help them.

“Therefore I give £1 for every hamper sold to the Panda’s Foundation.”

The charity provides support for people with pre or post natal depression.

Hampers cost £44 at the moment but are normally £55.

They are put together by The Fine Food Store, in Stamford. It is hoped to create a variety of hampers such as one for tee-total people or vegetarians.

The Not On the High website is looking to start selling them too.

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