Stamford, Oakham, Bourne and Market Deeping included in Olympic Torch route

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THE towns and villages the Olympic Torch will pass through next year have been revealed.

The gold torch will pass through Langham, Oakham and Stamford on July 3 on its way to Peterborough.

It will head to Market Deeping, Thurlby and Bourne the following day.

Other towns and villages in between these destinations could also get to see the torch.

Mayor of Stamford Councillor John Binder was delighted with the news.

He said: “It will be great for the town. I don’t know who is going to be carrying it but it will be a great honour for them.”

Coun Binder said the relay would help put Stamford’s name on the map and he is eager for residents to line the streets when the day comes.

He added: “I hope it brings people into the streets, it is something we need to support as a town.”

The relay will no doubt invoke the spirit of the 6th Marquess of Exeter David Cecil, otherwise known as Lord Burghley, who won the gold medal in the 400m hurdles at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam.

Coun Binder said: “I enjoy sport so I am looking forward to the games. I would particularly like to see the track events, especially the 100m and the hurdles.

“I did some amateur sport myself when I was in the army but I shall be watching these games from my armchair.”

Mayor of Bourne Councillor Brenda Johnson said: “To have the Olympic Torch come through will be absolutely brilliant.

“It will be great to have the streets lined and we ought to be out there egging them on.

“I hope everyone will take an interest, and I see no reason why the schools couldn’t let the children out to line the streets.”

Mayor of Market Deeping Councillor Bob Broughton added: “I am chuffed to bits. It’s wonderful news and it will be a date we will remember.

“I shall tell councillors about it on Wednesday and see what we can do about putting on a show.

“Anything that keeps kids off the street and gives them a competitive spirit has got to be good.

“The country has invested a lot of money in the Olympics so we have got to make the most of it.”

Chairman of Thurlby Parish Council, Councillor Gareth Derbyshire, said: I think it’s excellent news and I am sure the council and people in the village will look to mark the occasion appropriately with some form of celebration.

“I am very proud for the village. We will look to support it in any way we can. We will be looking to get this publicised as soon as possible and get as many people in the village involved as we possibly can.”

And Mayor of Oakham, Coun Joyce Lucas, said: “It’s a one-off experience that even the babes in arms won’t experience again.

“It’s good for the town and the county. It’s one for everyone to make the most of, including businesses, hotels, sports clubs, the town council and the county council. The whole lot should take note.

“It’s not going to happen again in our lifetimes. It’s not just about standing and watching the torch go through, it’s about promoting the county.”