Stamford sports group saved after new members come forward

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A SPORTS campaign group has been saved from being disbanded.

The Action for Stamford Sport and Leisure Group held a final meeting on Saturday to find new blood and a call for help was answered.

Several people attended the meeting and a new committee was formed. Stamford town and Lincolnshire county councillor John Hicks has become chairman of the group, with town and South Kesteven district councillor Harrish Bisnauthsing acting as vice-chairman. Town councillor Christine Brough became secretary and former swimming instructor Ann Linton agreed to act as press secretary.

Also in attendance were Stamford Endowed Schools principal Stephen Roberts, New College Stamford deputy principal Lavinia Robinson, town councillor Max Sawyer and resident David de Gale.

Treasurer Gerry Evans, who has been the group’s acting chairman, said: “The public turnout wasn’t great but there were enough people there to regenerate the group.”

The main discussion point on Saturday was the possibility of getting a new swimming pool for Stamford as the group feels Stamford Leisure Pool cannot cope with events such as swimming galas and water polo matches.

The group was formed in June 2007 by former town councillor Jane Peckett, who died last year. The group’s aim is to promote sport and leisure in the town and campaign for better facilities. Since 2007 the group has conducted surveys, printed a sports directory and held talks with South Kesteven District Council and landowners to discuss possible improvements in the town.