Stamford street has slowest broadband speed in UK says survey, but BT dispute claim

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Claims a street in Stamford has the slowest broadband in the country have been disputed by BT.

Residents in Cromarty Road receive a speed of an average download speed of just 0.132Mbps, 500 times slower than the fastest street, a survey by independent price comparison service has revealed, according to The Telegraph. The national average broadband speed is 9Mbps. Woodlands Drive in Colsterworth was named as the seventh slowest street with a speed of 0.346Mbps.

However BT told the newspaper the figures were inaccurate and misleading.

BT says Cromarty Road has been enabled with fibre-optic broadband for more than a year, with residents enjoying high-speed broadband. BT’s data shows customers in the street who have chosen BT Infinity have a line speed capability of about 40Mbps and those on BT Total Broadband have an average of 10Mbps.

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