Stamford Street Pastors help make the streets more peaceful

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Members of a group set up to help pub and club-goers in need during weekend nights out are seeing success in their work.

The Stamford Street Pastors began patrolling Stamford town centre in April 2010, offering help to anyone who needs it.

The group picks up broken bottles, gives support to people who have had too much to drink and offers prayers if people request them.

Tom Nottidge has been a member since the group was set up.

He said people out in Stamford during the weekends have come to know and accept the help of the pastors.

He added: “We used to get people reading our hats and asking what a street pastor was.

“It went from that to about 80 or 90 per cent of people we meet knowing exactly what we are there for.”

The pastors work closely with the police, reporting any incidents they see without getting involved unnecessarily.

Tom said there were two signs that the group was having an effect.

He added: “We found out that in the year after we started, street violence on Saturdays dropped by 26 per cent.

“Secondly, I was talking to a paramedic at my church who asked me when we had started.

“After I told him, he said the incidents of cut feet from broken glass the ambulance service had to deal with had dropped from one or two every weekend to almost none.

“If we have done nothing else, I think it has been worth it just for that.

“The real joy is that there just doesn’t seem to beas many fights now. The whole atmosphere seems warmer.”

To join the pastors, call Anita Gordon on 07779 596573.