Stamford to feature in The Happenings on Watch

Episode 01 - Aliens The Happenings - Episode 01 "Aliens"
Episode 01 - Aliens The Happenings - Episode 01 "Aliens"
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The people of Stamford will be the stars of a new TV series starting tonight (Monday).

The first episode of The Happenings airs on the Watch channel at 9pm.

The Happenings - Barry and Stuart. Photo by Tim Andeson

The Happenings - Barry and Stuart. Photo by Tim Andeson

Filmed in Stamford in August, the aim of the show is to convince the residents of small towns that they are part of a supernatural experience.

The show is presented by TV magicians Barry and Stuart, who stayed in Stamford for a couple of weeks while the episode was being filmed.

The pair spoke to the Mercury ahead of tonight’s episode. Stuart explained the premise of the show. He said: “We grew up in small towns in Scotland and we both wished that big things would happen there. We wished people would see aliens of find buried treasure.

“With the programme we wanted to bring a movie-like experience to places where TV shows aren’t usually made. We wanted to do as many big tricks as possible.”

Barry added: “We wanted to make the tricks look like real supernatural phenomena. We staged as many as we could around Stamford.

We had the lights in the sky and a crop circle in Steadfold Lane, Ketton. We wanted them to be there for a few weeks.”

Stuart said the idea was to get people talking around the town, and admitted the Mercury played a big part in spreading the word.

Barry added: “It was difficult to remain undercover in a town as small as Stamford. While we were staying there the Mercury was on to us.

“It ended up being a pivotal moment in the show. We had to change our plan because we were so close to being fully rumbled.”

According to the magicians the aim of the programme was to immerse the town in the experience, not to fool or embarrass people.

Stuart said: “I don’t know if people fully believed us or if they were going along for the ride. Of all the places we went to the Stamford people were some of the hardest to convince.”

Barry added: “After the filming some people were just over the moon to be part of the programme. I think it comes across really well.

“It was never our intention to make it look like a hoax. We wanted to focus on giving the town this experience.

“It was very important that no-one came across like an idiot and the town looked like somewhere you would want to visit.”

The Watch channel can be found at 109 on Sky, 124 on Virgin and 857 on
BT Vision.

A trailer can be seen on the Watch website.