Stamford Town Council call to clear up after your dog

Stamford Town Hall
Stamford Town Hall
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Councillors have appealed to the good nature of dog owners and urged them to clear up after their pets around the town.

Stamford Town Council has launched an appeal to try to reduce the amount of dog mess left on pavements and open spaces.

A sign has been put up at various places around the town outlining why dog fouling is a problem.

The sign reads: “It is a most offensive type of litter and pollutes our verges, footpaths, recreational areas and even our cemetery.

“Dog fouling is not only unpleasant, it also presents a dangerous health hazard, the biggest threat to public health from dog excrement being toxocariasis.”

Toxocariasis is a roundworm infection that can lead to eye damage in children.

The sign adds: “Allowing a dog to commit a fouling nuisance in a public place is illegal. It is the responsibility of the person in charge of a dog to clear up any faeces left by that dog.

“Unfortunately, a few dog owners fail to clear up after their dogs. Where dog owners fail in this duty, control orders can be implemented. The maximum penalty for failure to comply with a Dog Control Order is a fine of £1,000.

“There are bins available around the Meadows, the Recreation Ground and in the cemetery. Please bag that poo and dispose of it responsibly in any of the bins provided.”

The sign points out that the cemetery in particular is not an appropriate place to let a dog off its lead.

It reads: “It is most offensive and upsetting for families and visitors alike to find dog fouling in the proximity of, and sometimes even on, graves. Stamford Town Council will seek the maximum penalty against offenders.”

Les Wheeler helps run some Stamford AFC junior teams, who train off Uffington Road. He often has to clean up dog mess from the pitch and has backed the council’s campaign.

He said: “We just want dog owners to be responsible. It’s a really dangerous situation.

“It’s not fair on the kids and it has a knock-on effect on the club’s reputation.”