Stamford Town Council election results are in

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The results are in for the elections to Stamford Town Council:

All Saints Ward - Jeremy Ball (Stamford Independent) 415; David Bimson (Lab) 319; Michael Exton (Con) 484 (elected); Breda Griffin (Con) 468 (elected); Dr Sam Jalili (Lib Dem) 322; Maureen Riley (Lib Dem) 284; Susan Sandall (Stamford Independent) 541 (elected); Max Sawyer (Stamford Independents) 481 (elected); Sheila Sismore (Stamford Independent) 438 (elected); Trevor Turner (Lab) 295; Adam Wissen (Lab) 305.

St George’s Ward - John Binder (Lib Dem) 418 (elected); Lucy Cooker (Lab) 323; Maxine Couch (Stamford Independent) 447 (elected); Sandra Curran (Lab) 305; John Hicks (Ind) 512 (elected); Jon Poznanski (Ind) 354; Bob Sandall (Stamford Independent) 555 (elected); Brenda Sumner (Con) 453 (elected); Bill Turner (Lab)

350; Steve Williams (Lab) 293.

St John’s Ward - Christine Brough (Lib Dem) 704 (elected); Maureen Jalili (Lib Dem) 770 (elected); David Nalson (Con) 1157 (elected); Guy Peckett (Lib Dem)

633; Graddon Rowlands (Con) 974 (elected); Tony Story (Stamford Independent)

903 (elected); Clem Walden (Stamford Independent) 949 (elected).

St Mary’s Ward - Jean Bevan (Con) 763 (elected); Harrish Bisnauthsing (Lib Dem)

727 (elected); Teelesh Bisnauthsing (Lib Dem) 504; Robert Conboy (Stamford Independent) 507; John Dawson (Stamford Independent) 737 (elected); Gwyneth Gibbs (Con) 654 (elected); Paul Rose (Stamford Independent) 610; Brian Sumner (Con) 639 (elected).