Stamford Town Partnership urge shoppers to have their say on Stamford town centre parking

Have your say

MOTORISTS and shoppers are being urged to make their views known about parking problems in Stamford town centre.

Stamford Town Partnership, which raised its concerns about people illegally parking and driving in the High Street in the Mercury last week, is asking people to respond to a survey.

The survey, which is available to people on the partnership urban group’s new website, asks people if they understand the signs and whether they are a disabled badge holder.

Urban group chairman Don Lambert said: “The shops in the east end of High Street have been supportive of what we are trying to do so we hope shoppers will be as well.

“We are trying to raise awareness of the problems and we are also trying to get the street signs changed.”

Mr Lambert told the annual general meeting of the partnership on Monday, that the group is also fighting to get High Street made one-way only, with traffic entering from Red Lion Square and leaving via St Paul’s Street.

He said: “It is a difficult thing to get these things changed but we are going to try. I think a one-way system would at least widen High Street.

“We think the traffic is a considerable risk to pedestrians and we think the signs are confusing.”

The problems came to light when the urban group installed new benches in the east end of High Street near Tesco and Mr Lambert said people using the benches were in danger of being hit.

As part of the east end project, the group is also hoping to get new benches put along the whole of the High Street.

The urban group, which is also involved in planting trees and flowers in the town, and has been involved in projects to clean the River Welland, has launched a map on its website asking people to suggest potential projects in the town.

Mr Lambert said: “We are not committing to carrying out every project but it would be good to see what people would like to see in the town.”

The website can be found at and the survey on the parking problems can be found at